How to choose your foosball table

Puchase a foosball is an important decision and we are going to help you.
Our team propose to support you in your foosball choice for it to be the best for you.

It’s up to you to choose
A foosball which seems to you and which give a sense of style to your interior ! Whole of our foosball are customizable, shade structur, stickers, playing surface color, playeurs laser etching, and a lot of other infinity options.
Every foosball is custom-made, for you, like you.


We offred you the possibility to choose a foosball which seems to you among differents universes : Design, deco, retro, classic. a large foosball range to help you to choose the one that your dreams ! But if however, in all of this range, you can’t find your hapiness I urge you to not hesitate to send us some sketches and our designers will have pleasure to draw it.


The Debuchy by Toulet concil : do choose well your foosball color. The shade of your foosball should be different to the one of your groud to showcase your ground and your foosball.

Our metalic shades / 500 possibles shades  

Our playfield shades / 16 possibles shades  

Other shades / more than 500 possible colours (glossy or mat)

 Our game area line / 20 possible colours