Foosball - The Carat - Debuchy By Toulet - Design - Glass

The Carat foosball table in glass

The Carat foosball table, entirely in glass, is a true measure of purity. He plays with transparency.

For a custom-made game space in harmony with your decoration, discover the Carat Light design billiard table also in glass by Toulet.

The Carat, nobility and refinement Made in France

What better definition could there be for this exceptional foosball table, entirely made of glass, which by this optical phenomenon, deflects the light beams to magnify your interior as well as your terrace.

Indeed, thanks to its original material, entirely made of clear Securit glass, it will easily find its place in your living room, as well as on your terrace. Indoor or outdoor, it is THE foosball table for all your evenings with family or friends.

You will love the Carat foosball table in its Design version with its frosted aluminum handles and its black leather lace goals, or the Carat in its Vintage version, equipped with handles and vintage brown leather lace goals.

On the technical side, the players are designed to be able to play with their heads. A particularity that adds possible actions to the game and that will allow you to multiply the chances of scoring.


The Carat foosball table entirely in glass

This table football is entirely in glass, including the bottom of the game, with frosted glass lines to remind the mowed turf of the stadiums and allow the ball to adhere better.

Ability to customize the background of a logo, initials or design, by engraving or sandblasting.

Several versions and finishes possible :

  • Design version : black leather handles and goals in black leather laces (sold with a set of black balls).
  • Vintage version : handles and goals in vintage brown leather (sold with a set of cork balls).
  • Luxury finish : for a guaranteed wow effect, opt for the Gold or Copper finish, the choice is yours.It is also possible to choose the round, long or short handles in polished or chromed aluminum with black, white, gray or brown rubbers.

Looking for a different color of leather? Two new leather colors are now available: charcoal gray and ivory.

How to choose your table football ? The Babyfoot by Toulet team provides you with information !

Frame :

  • All our football tables are numbered, guaranteed, certified and labelled
  • Competition homologated playground
  • Extra clear safety glass structure, 12mm thickness
  • 15mm stainless steel bars
  • Glass coating with frosted lines for ball adherence
  • Suitable for outdoor : fastenings, chassis and screws in 304 stainless steel, + optional 316 stainless steel if you live near the sea or for marine use.

Details : 

  • Standard players in silkscreened chromed aluminum that allow head play, laser-worked heel for better grip of the ball.
  • Long, round or short handles with soft grip rubbers (non-slip and anti-perspirant) brushed stainless steel finishes or black or vintage brown leather handles.
  • Mechanical scoring brushed stainless steel finish with serigraphy in classic numerals or Roman numerals.
  • Brushed stainless steel goal bowls and vintage black or brown leather laces.
  • Luxury finish available in Gold or Copper.
  • Mounted on jacks for leveling.

Dimensions :

  • Outside dimensions: L 149cm x W 74cm (without handles) or 101cm (with handles)
  • Height: 94cm
  • Weight: 90kg

Service : 

  • Delivered with a set of 5 cork balls

Carat table football players are standard in chromed aluminum. Optionally, they can be in brushed aluminum.

chrome foosball player - toulet

Standard – Chrome player

table football brush player - Toulet

On option – Brushed player

The standard handles of the Carat table football table are made of raw aluminum. It’s up to you to choose between round or long handles. The elastic bands are available in 3 colors: white, black or gray.

Long raw foosball handles - black elastic - Toulet

Long handle – Raw

Raw round table football handle - black - Toulet

Round handle – Raw

Optionally, you can choose the chrome version. Also available in round or long version.

Chrome foosball table handles - black - Toulet

Long handle – Chrome

Round chrome handle - black - Babyfoot By Toulet

Round handle – Chrome

In the outdoor version, the handles are made of stainless steel to withstand the weather.

stainless steel table football handle - Black

Long handle – stainless steel

stainless steel round handles - black - Table football by toulet

Round handle – stainless steel

The illustrated models can present options, not contractual images