Vintage Foosball Table

The return in force of vintage decoration and the search for authentic materials inspired us to create our collection of vintage foosball tables. We have selected authentic solid wood foosball tables from the early 50’s, then we have renovated and customized them with our Toulet style know-how.


Babyfoot By Toulet : play table soccer with the pleasure of a collector’s item, Toulet version. Discover our range of vintage foosball tables:

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vintage football table - Foosball by toulet


50’s model, renovated and restored

foosball Old Fashion - renovated by Toulet


Collection of restyled old foosball tables

You have an interior decoration in the vintage style, or you want to add a retro and fun touch, we offer the ideal foosball to represent this trend while promising your friends and family unforgettable sharing moments.

We search for you vintage foosball from 1900 to 1950, which we renovate with the best materials in our French workshops. Amaze your entourage with THE collector item that will make the difference ! With the New Retro, we are also able to offer you a foosball inspired by the models of the 50’s.

Our vintage foosball table collection :

Discover the types of models of our Vintage range :

    • The Vintage : star of the 50’s, this foosball in solid wood with coin operator and aluminum players is restored according to your expectations in our workshops.
    • The Old-fashion : a complete collection of vintage foosballs restored and restyled by the team Babyfoot By Toulet. You will find for example the Circus model of the 20’s, the model Berceau in oak or the Swinnen of the 30’s.

As for all our other foosballs, the vintage collection by Babyfoot By Toulet is fully customizable. Create in a few clicks the vintage foosball table that will integrate perfectly with your interior design thanks to our online configurator.