Buy a modern foosball table Specialist Urban

The Specialist Urban foosball table

Are you looking for a modern and trendy table football for the whole family, discover the Specialist Urban foosball table.

Table football, a game that has become a cult game, aimed at all generations, and which finds its place perfectly in any interior. This game which marked its time has become, thanks to Babyfoot By Toulet, a trendy object ! Discover this modern and trendy model : the Specialist Urban table football.

Customize your foosball table 

Babyfoot By Toulet designs exceptional models to provide you with the best gaming sensations. The Specialist Urban table football revisits the classic table football of cafes. Depending on your desires and your interior decoration, you can choose between the purity of white or the modernity of black or other more original colors such as lemon yellow or ice blue. Players can also be personalized. The goal caps, ashtrays and the stainless steel ball outlet add a touch of modernity.

The Specialist Urban foosball table is particularly appreciated by companies, clubs and associations for Corporate personalization. The online configurator allows you to add your logo to the game background and / or the cash register. Test it online.


A coin-operated version for all professionals

Discover the Specialist Urban foosball table, specially designed for professionals. Ideal for restaurants, bars, hotels and game rooms, this coin-operated version brings a touch of conviviality to your establishment. Two coin changers are available: 50 centimes or 1 euro. Playing dimensions remain unchanged, guaranteeing an authentic gaming experience. Only the height of the cash desk has been increased by 6 cm to accommodate the coin mechanism.

Security is at the heart of our design. Two locks secure access to the coin mechanism, ensuring reliable revenue management. To retrieve your coins, simply open the dedicated compartment on the coin-operated foosball table. A wooden wedge holds the foosball table in the open position, allowing you to retrieve your coins in complete safety.

To perfectly match the ambience of your establishment, the coin-operated foosball table is fully customizable. Choose from a range of colors for the body and back, opt for the handle shape that suits you, customize the players according to your preferences, and add your logo for a unique touch. The possibilities for personalization are endless, offering harmonious integration into your space.

Offer your customers an exceptional playing experience while reinforcing your establishment’s identity with the Specialist Urban coin-operated foosball.

coin operated foosball table Specialist Urban - Babyfoot by Toulet
coin operated foosball table Specialist Urban - Babyfoot by Toulet

Chic and sophisticated, the Specialist Urban foosball table is available in Full Black and Full White, as well as an Oak version with black details. Each version is limited to 10 units, and each table is numbered.

In this limited edition, this trendy foosball table boasts a unique elegance. Chic is in the details. The ball outlet and goals are usually available in brushed stainless steel. For the Full White and Full Black versions, these elements have been reworked in white or black.

For the Full White version, the body, playing surface, feet, goals, ball outlet and players are immaculately white for a unique effect. In addition to all these elements, the Full Black version pushes the monochrome all the way to the black handles, long or round. A modern foosball table that won’t go unnoticed! Much more than just a foosball table, this unique limited-edition model becomes a centerpiece for your home. It’s equally at home in minimalist or modern settings.

Choosing a Toulet foosball table means choosing 100% French manufacturing, combining quality and design.

Pre-orders available by calling 03 20 46 25 54. All our models are made in France and sold exclusively by Babyfoot By Toulet.


The Urban Specialist will naturally find its place in your interior thanks to the multiple possibilities of customization.

With its classic design combined with modern details, our design team has successfully revisited the traditional table football.

As standard, it is offered in black or white. Optionally, you have the choice of light oak, black oak, iron gray or other colors such as lemon yellow, ice blue, cream, flamingo pink and sienna orange. Do you want another color? Everything is possible, contact us directly to create your tailor-made table football together.

How to choose your table football ? The Babyfoot by Toulet team provides you with information !

Foosball table blue - Specialist Urban - Babyfoot By Toulet
Modern foosball table yellow - Specialist Urban - Babyfoot By Toulet
Pink foosball table Specialist Urban - Babyfoot By Toulet
Oak foosball table Specialist Urban - Babyfoot By Toulet

Structure :

  • All our table footballs are numbered, guaranteed, certified and labeled
  • Wooden structure transformed in our workshops by a 5-axis digital machine
  • Telescopic steel bars 15 mm in diameter
  • Stainless steel ball and flask return
  • Point counter : scoring
  • Integrated brushed stainless steel ashtrays
  • Brushed stainless steel goal caps
  • Gerflex coating

Details :

  • Colors : Standard, black or white. Optional colors for the box : light oak, black oak, iron gray, chocolate, lemon yellow, ice blue, cream, flamingo pink and sienna orange.
  • Colors for the game background: 20 colors available.
  • As standard, players are presented in black and white. Customization of teams is possible on request.
  • The handles are black plastic as standard. Optional: Long or round handles, raw or chrome.
  • The bowl scoring are offered in light brut and dark brut. Optionally, they can be chromed.
  • For a more traditional side, you have the choice to add or not the ashtrays.

Dimensions :

  • External dimensions :  L 155 x W 79 (113 cm with handles) x H 93 cm
  • Weight : 90 kg

Services :

  • Comes with 1 set of 5 cork balls.
  • Selection of the playfield markings according to the optional color chart.

The players are standard in black and white.

Table football players - white - Specialist
Table football players - black - Specialist

Optionally, the players of the Specialist Urban table football can be personalized according to the colors of your favorite football team for example.

Female players - foosball Debuchy By Toulet
Personalized foosball player - Specialist
Personalized foosball player - team
Custom foosball player - soccer team

Do you want to add the logo of your company or association ? It’s also possible :

Personalized foosball player - company logo
Company custom foosball player

The handles of the Specialist Urban table football are standard in black plastic and long.

Handle long plastic black - Foosball Toulet

Long handle – Plastic

Handle round plastic black - Foosball Toulet

Round handle – Plastic

Optionally, you can customize your foosball by choosing one of the models below : (The rubber bands are available in black, gray, brown or white.)

Long raw foosball handles - black elastic - Toulet

Long handle – Brute

Chrome foosball table handles - black - Toulet

Long handle – Chrome

Raw round table football handle - black - Toulet

Round handle – Brute

Round chrome handle - black - Babyfoot By Toulet

Round handle – Chrome

The illustrated models can present options, not contractual images