The Vintage foosball table

Current Trend in Deco Vintage has a special place in the range of foosball we proposed.

Restored collection models

True collectible table football from the early 1950s in solid wood with coin mechanism, recovered and restored with original parts according to the expectations of our customers. The work done on each Vintage table football in our workshops makes them truly unique models.

Treat yourself to a collector’s item and define your wishes together.

With our customization tools, we take into account your desires in order to create a unique piece that looks like you. For example, you can choose a background color to match your interior or different handle shapes.

With Babyfoot By Toulet everything is possible !


The illustrated models can present options, not contractual images

Frame : 

  • Robust design furniture with metal reinforcing rods
  • Etched aluminium players screwed on the bars, which can block the ball with the head
  • Chromed, dawn steel telescopic bars, diameter 15mm
  • Gerflex covering

Details :

  • Side Moldings to allow lobed shooting
  • Perforated goal cages
  • Engraved ashtrays
  • Coin operator

Dimensions :

  • External dimensions: L 158 x W 100 x h 93 cm
  • Weight: 85kg

Services :

  • Comes with 11 cork balls

Vintage table football teams are made up of raw players and players with an old effect.

Classic player - raw - table football toulet

Players – Raw

classic aged player - Table football toulet

Players – Old effect

Regarding the handles, you have the choice between long or round chrome handles. Choice of 3 elastic colors: white, black or gray.

Chrome foosball table handles - black - Toulet

Long handle – Chrome

Round chrome handle - black - Babyfoot By Toulet

Round handle – Chrome