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Personalization and custom-made

Whether you are a firm, an association or an individual, personalizing your foosball table down to the smallest detail is our specialty. Babyfoot By Toulet allows you all the pleasures, even the most eccentric.

Beyond the customization options of each template, you can add elements specific to your identity. Indeed, each football table has multiple choices. For example, the color of the structure, the shape of the handles, the game background or the addition of LEDs.

These elements represent the first phase for a personalized foosball table. We suggest you go even further.

Personalized Corporate foosball table

You want to install a foosball table in your firmfor your employees, customers or service providers. Select the colors corresponding to the identity of your company and bring THE Corporate touch by adding your logo or slogan for example.

Discover the different achievements below. Depending on the foosball model chosen, your element can be added to the flanks, the play field, the goals and even the players ! Yes you read that right, players ! Our personalization service allows you to add your logo, colors and even personalized names to each player. Everything is possible.

Associations, sports clubs, hotels, … you too can purchase a personalized foosball table.

They trusted us

Foosball table personalized Specialist Urban Debuchy By Toulet

Specialist Urban foosball – BANQUE POPULAIRE

T22 XXL customized foosball table AS MONACO - Babyfoot By Toulet

T22 XXL foosball – AS MONACO

Custom foosball table logo Mini - Babyfoot By Toulet

T11 foosball – MINI

Personalization table football company -Toulet

T22 foosball – AUDI

foosball table The Pure design ACC Communication - Babyfoot By Toulet


T22 customized PSG foosball table - Babyfoot By Toulet

T22 foosball – PSG

foosball table custom T22 MASERATI logo - Babyfoot by Toulet


T11 foosball table custom-made FFF -Babyfoot by Toulet

T11 foosball – FFF

Foosball table personalized firm Debuchy By Toulet

Blackball foosball – BEIN SPORT

A custom model for your living room

Imagine your foosball table as a support allowing you to express your desires. Think of it then as a medium for one of your favorite artwork, the football or sports club you promote, or whatever quirky craving it is. As explained previously, you can customize the players, the game play field, the sides, the lighting, the scoring, … A veritable myriad of options available ! We don’t stop there.

We take up all the challenges that our customers offer us : leather sheathing in cowhide, ostrich or crocodile (available in more than 100 colors), setting with Swarovski elements, sapphires, diamonds, luxury paint, etc.

If, however, in all of these options you still do not find what you are looking for, then do not hesitate to send us your sketches. Our design office will be happy to draw it for you for perfect integration into your foosball table.

Our team is available to answer all your questions and support you in your personalization project. Contact us by email… or by phone.

Custumization foosball luxury T22 Gold - Toulet

Luxury painting

Personalization table football - artist - T22

Creation of a work of art

Specialist leather table football - Debuchy Toulet

Leather covering

Custom players foosball table Specialist - Debuchy By Toulet

Personalization of players

Custom made personalized foosball table

Goal set with sapphires

Luxury custom made Foosball table

Visual made of sapphires and crystals