Foosball table convertible into a desk - Foosball Toulet

When foosball table and dining table are one.

The trend is for original, fun and practical furniture. The foosball table convertible into a dining table is enjoying growing interest.

Many configurations are possible. The customization of the convertible table foosball goes through the choice of its size and design. Indeed, it can be overflowing or not, oval or rectangular (depending on the table football model). Regarding its finish, the top is available in wood, glass or a mixture of both.

Dining table, high bar table or even office, discover the different functions of the convertible table foosball.

The table foosball convertible into a dining table

Depending on the size of the table foosball, the addition of a table top can accommodate up to 8 people. Easy to install, it allows you to play with family and friends and then share a convivial meal.
Already have a dining table ? The convertible table foosball can be used as a high table. Impress your guests during your meals.

Or convertible into a desk

With the development of teleworking, saving space is a criterion often taken into account in the purchase of furniture. Toulet foosball tables can also be transformed into a desk. Indeed, the overflowing board allows you to sit comfortably around the table football. An interesting solution to combine work and leisure.

For a harmonious integration and in connection with the decoration, a range of chairs can be proposed for each convertible table foosball.

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