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Our foosball maker factory

Toulet, expert in leisure activities since 1857, offers fully customizable and made-to-measure foosball table. Trust the exceptional know-how of a French foosball manufacturer for the realization of your project. Discover our manufacturing factory.

Your foosball table manufacturer located in the North of France

Located 10 minutes from Lille in the North of France, the Toulet factory covers more than 7,500 m2 and has a showroom of 800 m2 and a workshop of 6,700 m2. All the manufacturing stages follow a rigorous process and are carried out by our specialized technicians, thus guaranteeing the quality of finish of our table footballs.

All our models are made to order according to the customization choices of each customer. This know-how allows us to offer fully customizable and made-to-measure models.

As a foosball table manufacturer, we pay particular attention to the choice of materials. We do not subcontract, in order to optimize quality and respect deadlines.

You do not have the opportunity to visit our factory and showroom, it comes to you in virtual visit:

The design office: where it all begins!

The foosball tables are designed and drawn in 3D before various templates are made. These templates are essential to the manufacturing process: they ensure the perfect positioning of all the parts and thus guarantee an excellent quality of play. Our team is constantly renewing itself to offer trendy foosball tables that meet your desires.

The mechanical and carpentry factory

Some of our foosball models, including the Blackball foosball, have a metal structure that is entirely cut, welded, drilled and threaded in our workshops. It is in the mechanical workshop that this first step takes place.

For other models of football table, a part is made in the carpentry factory. Some of the cuts are made using a latest generation digital machine. Then, the elements pass into the expert hands of our carpenters.


Each foosball table is made to order according to the choices of personalization. It is possible to choose the smallest details of its table soccer, especially the paint from an almost unlimited range. In fact, it is possible to make customized paintings thanks to our paint booth. Depending on the finish chosen, it is possible to have a matt, satin or metallic paint. And to be able to match it to your billiard table.

The Saddlery and Leather Goods workshop

For a unique and high quality soccer table, the Saddlery and Leather Goods workshop offers a 100% customizable leather finish. Each step is carried out by hand in order to offer unique pieces. A rare and high precision know-how that symbolizes the Made in France customization.

Player customization

For some teams, it is possible to bring a specific personalization by player: color of the outfit, names of the players, logo, … Our model maker paints each player customization by hand. They are then varnished for a perfect resistance to the frenzied games.

The assembly phase

Structure, players, handles, elastics, LEDs, abacus, basin,… The assembly team carefully assembles all the elements of the foosball table according to the choices selected by the customer.

Quality control

Each Toulet table soccer is checked by our team of experts according to specific control points. Once the inspection has been completed, the table is packaged and ready to be shipped.