Specialist Vis a Vis foosball table black custom - Babyfoot By Toulet

The Specialist Vis-à-Vis Foosball table

Play against your opponent in pairs on the Specialist Vis-à-Vis foosball table.

The 2 player foosball table revisited

The Vis-à-Vis is a smaller version of the Specialist foosball table that allows anyone to install this intergenerational game in their home. The smaller size makes it easier to find the perfect spot. The smaller playing surface gives you a new feeling for the game and guarantees exciting duo games.

Each player has 2 bars to try to win the game. The reaction time must be shorter to not let the ball go to the goal! Each game will be a sporty and intense game.

100% Customizable

Its carefully crafted aesthetics between classic and chic offers us a trendy foosball table signed Babyfoot By Toulet. A real decorative object that fits perfectly in any interior. It will find its place in a modern living room as well as in a contemporary children’s room.

Like its predecessor, the Specialist Vis-à-Vis foosball table is available in black or white as standard. Other colors are available on option.

A version for the little ones

So that everyone can enjoy it, the Vis-à-Vis foosball table is also available with a height adapted to children from the age of 3. The body remains the same, only the height of the feet is smaller.

As soon as they grow up, you can switch to the adult version in a flash by changing the base!

Many colors are available in option for a perfect harmony with the decoration of the room or the playroom of the children. A fun game that will bring siblings together no matter what their age.

Specialist Vis-à-Vis foosball table design

The Vis-à-Vis Specialist foosball table is based on the design of its predecessor, the classic Specialist foosball table. A model that revisits the aesthetics of the coffee shop foosball tables while bringing a touch of modernity. Made of solid wood, this 2-player foosball table is composed of 4 bars of 15 mm, 2 per player.

The score counters, also called abacus, are manual and are offered as standard in light and dark. For the body of the table soccer, you can choose between black or white. Other colors such as light oak, black oak or iron grey are available as options.

Babyfoot by Toulet, specializing in custom-made products, can also produce the color of your choice, upon request. The addition of a logo on the bottom of the game and / or the box can also add a personal touch.

Structure :

  • All the foosballs are numbered and guarantee, certified.
  • Wood structure transform in our workshop.
  • Steel bars 15 mm.
  • Lateral balls return.
  • Chrome steel cheap jewellery.
  • Gerflex coating.

Details :

  • Players of series in black and white. Possibility to customize them with many colors or with the effigy of a soccer team for example
  • Long or round handles in black plastic. On option, round or long handles in raw or chrome
  • Mechanical abacus in light and dark rough
  • 20 colors of game backgrounds to personalize your table soccer
  • Second set of legs in option (small or large)

Dimensions :

  • Adult version: L 90 X l 73 x h 92 cm. 55 kg
  • Child version: L 90 X l 73 x h 74 cm. 50 kg

Services :

  • Deserve with 5 cork balls.
  • Background tracing on your color choice, optional.
  • Integration of a logo on game background and / or cash register, optional.

The players are standard in black and white.

Table football players - white - Specialist
Table football players - black - Specialist

Optionally, the players of the Specialist Vis-à-Vis table football can be personalized according to the colors of your favorite football team for example.

Female players - foosball Debuchy By Toulet
Personalized foosball player - Specialist
Personalized foosball player - team
Custom foosball player - soccer team

Do you want to add the logo of your company or association ? It’s also possible :

Personalized foosball player - company logo
Company custom foosball player

The handles of the Specialist Vis-à-Vis table football are standard in black plastic and long.

Handle long plastic black - Foosball Toulet

Long handle – Plastic

Handle round plastic black - Foosball Toulet

Round handle – Plastic

Optionally, you can customize your foosball by choosing one of the models below : (The rubber bands are available in black, gray or white.)

Long raw foosball handles - black elastic - Toulet

Long handle – Brute

Chrome foosball table handles - black - Toulet

Long handle – Chrome

Raw round table football handle - black - Toulet

Round handle – Brute

Round chrome handle - black - Babyfoot By Toulet

Round handle – Chrome

The illustrated models can present options, not contractual images