Discover our foosball tables collections :

So that everyone can play with the foosball of their dreams, the Babyfoot By Toulet teams have made different collections. Rather design ? vintage or classic ? Our models are customizable to fit perfectly into your interiors … and exteriors. Find your happiness among the different foosball tables collections and enjoy good times with family and friends.

100% Made in France foosball tables

Manufactured in the North of France, the Babyfoot By Toulet foosball tables has been imagined in every detail by our designers to offer you the best playing sensations. Indeed, they are custom-made to order. If you have the opportunity, come and discover our showroom of over 600 m², we will be delighted to present the different foosball table on display as well as our manufacturing workshops. If you do not have the opportunity to come, we have set up an online virtual visit tool.

Customizable and tailor-made foosball tables

To acquire the foosball table that looks like you, we offer customizable features depending on the model selected: the body and legs, the color of the game background, the color of the marking of the game background, the shape of the handles, the color of the elastics, the engraving of the players, adding stickers.

The contemporary style of modern foosball

Simple and sleek, the Modern collection revisits the classic foosball table. The Specialist models echo the coffee shop foosball tables of our childhood with a smaller body and modern options. The T11 and T22 foosball tables have a very contemporary look. With customization, each model fits perfectly into any interior.

All foosball tables in the modern collection have players that can be played from the head.

foosball black classic - trendy foosball table - Babyfoot By Toulet

Specialist Urban

Specialist leather table football - Debuchy Toulet

Specialist Leather

modern foosball table - T11 - Foosball by toulet


modern foosball table - T22 - Foosball by toulet


Design foosball tables, models with a unique character

Are you looking for an original design foosball table to integrate into your home? The Design collection offers 4 models with surprising and trendy lines. Our signature: Transform the foosball table into a real decorative object allowing you to proudly display it in your living room.

Foosball table design white - The Pure - Babyfoot By Toulet

The Pure

children foosball table The Pure Vis a Vis - Babyfoot by Toulet

The Pure Vis-a-Vis

Design foosball table Blackball orange - luxury - Babyfoot by Toulet


Foosball table Carat Luxury - Debuchy By Toulet


Foosball table design Le Sian - Babyfoot By Toulet

The Sian

The charm of Vintage

Warm and authentic, the foosball tables of the Vintage collection take us back to the 1900s to 1950s. Perfect for bringing a retro and playful touch to your home and recreating the atmosphere of the cafés of yesteryear. With the possibility to customize your foosball table, each model will fit perfectly in your decoration.

vintage football table - Foosball by toulet


foosball table Swinnen restored Debuchy by toulet

Old Fashion

The Outdoor range, for year-round enjoyment

Toulet outdoor foosball tables can be easily installed on your terrace or under your pergola to enjoy the beautiful weather. Each model is made with specific materials for outdoor use. Robust, they will allow you to play for hours during your summer evenings. The little extra! The outdoor foosball table can be installed indoors in winter to enjoy it all year long.

outdoor foosball table - The Pure

The Pure Outdoor

football table outdoor - Specialist - Toulet

Specialist Outdoor

design outdoor foosball Blackball - Toulet

Blackball Outdoor

Foosball Glass The Carat - Debuchy By Toulet - Design

Carat Outdoor

The Iconic Classic Foosball Table

As a fan of iconic models, the classic collection is sure to please. The aesthetics of these classic foosball tables are sure to remind you of the exciting games you played as a child. A touch of modernity allows you to choose the smallest details of your Specialist foosball table. Classic and modern at the same time!

Foosball modern - Specialist - Foosball by toulet


2 players foosball table Vis a Vis black classic - Babyfoot By Toulet

Specialist Vis-à-Vis

Configure your table football down to the smallest detail

Everything is possible. Let your imagination run wild ! Some models such as the Blackball offer cutting-edge options such as adding a sound system using bluetooth speakers or an abacus using a touch-sensitive LED display.

Configure your table foosball directly online thanks to our online configurator. Different atmospheres are at your disposal. If your choice is already made among the different models, you can directly contact us.

Corporate table football

Do you want to set up a relaxation and leisure area in your company or association? To make it unique, we suggest you install a foosball table that looks like you. Indeed, it is possible to add your logo on the game background and / or on the cash register of the selected model. For a guaranteed wow effect, opt for the personalization of the players: color of your favorite team, first names of your employees, … anything is possible.

The only limit being your imagination. The Toulet teams carry out unique and original projects throughout the year such as the creation of a work of art on the side of a T22 foosball table, the leather sheathing of a Specialist or even the crimped goals. of Blackball Sapphires.


Which Toulet foosball table for the head game?

The head game simply allows you to control the ball with the players’ heads when they are facing down. A particularity that adds possible actions to the game and that will allow you to multiply the chances to score. Once you get the hang of it, it’s hard to get enough!

This technique is only possible on foosball tables where the players are long enough to touch the ball. At Babyfoot by Toulet, you can play with your head on the following models: T11, T22, Carat, Specialist, Specialist Urban and Specialist Leather.

100% women’s foosball, mixed teams or 100% men’s, the choice is yours

Want to customize your foosball table with women’s teams? Discover our female players, available on the following models: Specialist, Specialist Urban, Specialist Leather and Republifoot.

Like the men’s figurines, these are offered as standard with a black team and a white team. For more originality, you can choose other colors for your teams. The online configurator allows you to view examples of customization. However, if you do not find the color you are looking for, it is possible to customize it.

With 100% customized players

For a unique and even more original foosball game, we offer customization. For example, the players can have soccer uniforms entirely personalized with the effigy of your favorite soccer teams: jersey and shorts. Ideal for reliving legendary games! You can also add first names and nicknames of your friends and family. Laughter and wild games guaranteed.

For professionals, you want a corporate table soccer? We can make personalized jerseys with your logo, names of players provided by you, … Everything is possible, the only limit being your imagination.

What type of handles for my foosball table?

The choice of handles is essential to fully enjoy the game. Depending on the shape you choose, they can affect the quality of play and performance. Some people prefer to play with round handles while others like long handles. Babyfoot By Toulet designers have developed a range that meets the technical expectations of players while providing a unique aesthetic. Discover the range of handles.

Opt for the foosball table convertible

The trend is towards original, fun and practical furniture. The foosball table convertible into a dining table is becoming increasingly popular.

Many configurations are possible. The customization of the convertible table is based on the choice of its size and design. Indeed, it can be overhanging or not, oval or rectangular (depending on the model). As for its finish, the top is available in wood, glass or a mixture of both. Discover the different functionalities of the convertible foosball table: dining table, table top or desk.

How to choose your outdoor table soccer?

It’s all a matter of taste and budget. The outdoor line includes 4 different styles of outdoor foosball tables. All of them are designed with quality materials and are weather resistant. Once you’ve selected a model, you can then choose the customization elements to make it unique.

Create a bright atmosphere with the LED foosball table

Customizing a Toulet table soccer table involves technical choices such as the shape of the handles as well as aesthetic choices such as the colors. For a unique game experience, additional options are available, such as the lighted ambience of the table soccer with LEDs. Discover the models that can be equipped with LEDs.


Find all our advice to select and customize the foosball table that will perfectly match your expectations.