The good weather is an opportunity to multiply convivial moments with family or friends and Babyfoot by Toulet has understood this. Our teams have therefore designed outdoor foosball table that are resistant to bad weather as well as to long periods of sunshine.

An outdoor foosball table to enjoy all year round

Would you like to enjoy convivial moments around an outdoor foosball table on your terrace or in the shade of your patio? The Outdoor Baby-foot by Toulet range is made for you. Contemporary design models that can be customized to fit perfectly with your outdoor décor.

Whether it’s during the aperitif or after dessert, it’s always fun to play a game of foosball table outdoors. It has become one of the iconic games to enjoy the summer evenings. It joins other outdoor leisure activities such as ping-pong, petanque or trampoline.

The little plus of outdoor foosball: the possibility to bring it inside in winter. The outdoor foosball table can either stay outside during the winter months or be installed in a living room. For people who have the space to be outside AND inside, the outdoor foosball table is ideal to enjoy it all year long.


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outdoor foosball table - The Pure


Outdoor version designed by Alain Gilles

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Chic and sophisticated

design outdoor foosball Blackball - Toulet


Design outdoor table soccer par excellence

Foosball Glass The Carat - Debuchy By Toulet - Design


Play with transparency

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Foosball in stock

Our Collection of Outdoor Foosball Tables :

Discover the 4 models of the Outdoor range:

  • The Pure Outdoor : designed by the famous designer Alain Gilles, it is the symbol of the 2.0 foosball table and decoration. Its outdoor version promises long evenings of wild parties in your garden.
  • Carat : A foosball exclusively made of glass Securit, the purest it is. Indoor or Outdoor, this exceptional, solid and transparent table football is a true work of art.
  • Blackball Outdoor : Babyfoot by Toulet’s signature foosball table. True concentrate of technology (sound effects, lighting and Bluetooth speaker), it will delight adults and children.
  • Specialist Outdoor : the classic table football revisited and offered in an outdoor version. It will make all of your guests feel nostalgic and allows moments of sharing with your loved ones.


Choosing a Toulet outdoor foosball table means being assured of French manufacturing with quality materials.


Durable outdoor models 100% Made in France.

The Babyfoot by Toulet models are made to order in the Toulet workshops located in the North of France. Nothing is left to chance: design, quality of materials, comfort of play.

Each outdoor foosball table is designed with materials carefully selected for outdoor use. The rot-proof wood is resistant to weather, UV and insects. The playing surface is also suitable for outdoor use. It is waterproof and mildew resistant. It can be cleaned with water like the rest of the table.

The Outdoor range will allow you to relax around a game of foosball while enjoying your garden, terrace or patio. Babyfoot by Toulet offers a waterproof cover to protect your table football when you do not play. Do not hesitate to ask more information to the Toulet teams : contact@babyfoot-toulet.com or +33 (0)

Our tips for maintaining your outdoor foosball table

To prolong its life and ensure an optimal playing experience, it’s important to regularly maintain your outdoor foosball table. Here are some simple tips:

  • Clean your foosball table: Even though our outdoor foosball tables are designed for outdoor use and exposed to the weather and dirt, it is still important to clean them regularly. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the playing surface and bars.
  • Protect your foosball table from the elements: To avoid cleaning it before each game, it’s best to place your foosball table under an awning or pergola to protect it from the elements such as rain, wind and sun. If you don’t have an awning, we offer waterproof covers designed for outdoor foosball tables.
  • Grease the bars and bearings with special foosball oil to prolong their life and keep the game running smoothly. Be careful not to over-apply.
  • Store your foosball table during the winter: If you have room in your home, it’s a real plus to be able to enjoy your foosball table in winter. It also protects it from severe weather.