Who we are


Billards Toulet, french manufacturer since 1857, continue their shift from traditional to design with foosball

We partnered with internationally renowned football player Mathieu Debuchy, to create the company Debuchy By Toulet. He makes you share his passion for football field and experience unique emotions around this friendly and intergenerational game !

Together we have created a range of foosball with different design, completely new, offering a concentrate of technology and design made in France. We also thought to nostalgic people and have kept a range of Vintage foosball, that will remind you good remembrances … but we will always propose a twist: chromed players, black game field, a pickled wood and so on …
Most of our foosball are fully customizable and fit perfectly into your interior And in terms of technology, we are also pushing the limits … the only one being your imagination …
Browse our pages, search our website debuchybytoulet.com/en and do not hesitate to contact our team to offer you the foosball of your dreams!

The company

Mathieu Debuchy, international soccer player, has partnered with Toulet, specialized in manufacturing high-end billiards since 1857. Together they imagine, draw, create, innovative and quality foosball, respecting the game.

More than a game, an experience … 100% Made in France foosball, like the defender of the France team, combining sportiness, design, technique and quality of playing.

Each model is tested and approved by our champion.



With our first creations, our brand new The Pure, The Connect, and many other models that will complete the range, Debuchy by Toulet offers Deco and innovative alternative to classical style of traditional foosball.

Indeed, these new games go well beyond leisure and are closer to the spirit deco/ design. This new generation of foosball offers unique fun and comfort with a highly developed sense of aesthetics and unconventional style, guaranteeing an impeccable game. Debuchy by Toulet also offers a range of Vintage foosball, from the 50s, restored with original parts and design touches.