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Foosball Specialist Leather

A high-end finish of the Specialist table football

Modern and trendy,
discover the Specialist Leather table football


Modern and trendy, the foosball Specialist Leather entirely in leather highlights exceptional French know-how. This high-end model is the result of a partnership between two French companies Babyfoot By Toulet and Ateliers Français de la Sellerie.

High-precision work that symbolizes tailor-made and thus makes your leather foosball table unique. A wide range of colors allows it to be personalized. Indeed, more than 50 shades of leather are available to dress the foosball Specialist Leather. Much more than a table football, it is a modern piece of furniture that is an integral part of your interior.

The design of the foosball Specialist Leather

This high-end leather foosball table from the modern collection is made to measure. The sheathing, produced by the Ateliers Français de la Sellerie, is complete inside and out, as well as on the elastic strapping of the handles. The stitching on the leather is done by hand.
For the handles, you have the choice between mid-length, long or short models.
We have also developed a luxury finish where all the screws are available in Gold or Copper. Wow effect guaranteed !

Structure :

  • All our table footballs are numbered, guaranteed, certified and labeled
  • Wooden structure transformed in our workshops by a 5-axis digital machine
  • Steel bars
  • Lateral bale return
  • Chrome steel hardware

Details :

  • Series players in chromed aluminum
  • Long or round handles with leather strapping
  • Mechanical abacus
  • Brushed stainless steel goal bowls
  • Interior and exterior leather covering
  • Leather stitching and hand embossing

Dimensions :

  • External dimensions :  L 158 X W 73 x H 93 cm
  • Weight : 90 kg

Services :

  • Comes with 1 set of 11 cork balls.

As standard, the Specialist Leather foosball players are made of chrome-plated aluminum. Optionally, they can be in brushed aluminum.

chrome foosball player - toulet

Standard – chrome player

table football brush player - Toulet

Optionally – Brushed player

The standard handles of the Specialist Leather are made of raw aluminum. It’s up to you to choose between round or long handles. The strapping is in leather, the same color as the table football.

Long raw foosball handles - black elastic - Toulet

Long handle – raw

Raw round table football handle - black - Toulet

Round handle – raw

Optionally, you can customize your table football by choosing the chrome handles.

Chrome foosball table handles - black - Toulet

Long handle – Chrome

Round chrome handle - black - Babyfoot By Toulet

Round handle – Chrome

The illustrated models can present options, not contractual images