Foosball Specialist - Foosball By Toulet

The Specialist Foosball table

Modern and classic table football signed Babyfoot by Toulet : sharing, pleasure, conviviality.

The ultimate modern foosball table

This foosball traditional suits to all the generations which have played foosball. Magnetic object of excellence, when you see it, you will take there handhold.

So find all your sensations playing with the specialist foosball table on its tardi version.

Available in black or white, it is also available in iron gray, light oak or black oak. It will therefore fit perfectly into your interior.

The Leather Finish Specialist

Babyfoot By Toulet offers a high-end finish of the Specialist entirely in leather : the modern Specialist Leather table football.


Specialist foosball table design

This one is made of solid wood. The telescopic bars are 15 mm in diameter. The point counter is a manual scoring. As standard, players are offered in black and white but can be personalized with many colors.

The handles of the table football are black plastic, round or long. It is quite possible to personalize them by choosing the chrome option for example.

Between the purity of white and the modernity of black, the Specialist table football will naturally find its place in your interior. For more originality, you can, on options, modify the shape of the handles, personalize the players or add a sticker bearing the image of your company, for example.

Many hours of relaxation and good humor guaranteed !

The colors of Specialist foosball table

As standard, the Specialist is available in 2 colors : black or white. If you wish, you can optionally choose another color from the following : light oak, black oak or iron gray. Do you want another color ? Everything is possible !

We have also developed a high-end all-leather finish with the Specialist Leather. For more information, contact us by email or phone, our team will be happy to answer all your questions.

Structure :

  • All the foosballs are numbered and guarantee, certified.
  • Wood structure transform in our workshop.
  • Steel bars.
  • Lateral balls return.
  • Chrome steel cheap jewellery.
  • Gerflex coating.

Details :

  • Series players in black and white. Possibility to personalize them with many colors or with the effigy of a football team for example.
  • Long or round black plastic handles. Optionally, round or long handles, raw or chrome-plated.
  • Mechanical scoring in light crude and dark crude.
  • 20 colors of game backgrounds to personalize your table football

Dimensions :

  • L 155 x W 79 (113 cm with handles) x H 93 cm
  • Weight : 90kg

Services :

  • Deserve with 11 cork balls.
  • Background tracing on your color choice, optional.
  • Integration of a logo on game background and / or cash register, optional.

The players are standard in black and white.

Table football players - white - Specialist
Table football players - black - Specialist

Optionally, the players of the Specialist table football can be personalized according to the colors of your favorite football team for example.

Female players - foosball Debuchy By Toulet
Personalized foosball player - Specialist
Personalized foosball player - team
Custom foosball player - soccer team

Do you want to add the logo of your company or association ? It’s also possible :

Personalized foosball player - company logo
Company custom foosball player

The handles of the Specialist table football are standard in black plastic and long.

Handle long plastic black - Foosball Toulet

Long handle – Plastic

Handle round plastic black - Foosball Toulet

Round handle – Plastic

Optionally, you can customize your foosball by choosing one of the models below : (The rubber bands are available in black, gray or white.)

Long raw foosball handles - black elastic - Toulet

Long handle – Brute

Chrome foosball table handles - black - Toulet

Long handle – Chrome

Raw round table football handle - black - Toulet

Round handle – Brute

Round chrome handle - black - Babyfoot By Toulet

Round handle – Chrome

The illustrated models can present options, not contractual images