Sometips to win at foosball - Foosball by Toulet

Some tips to win at foosball…

Foosball has long been a source of pleasure whether for amateurs, seasoned or beginners.

However, it is not so easy to play foosball. Anyone can of course improvise strokes and tricks, but when you want to win at foosball, you must know the basic rules and master specific techniques.

Win at foosball with the pull shot

It is an effective technique, which consists in pulling the bar towards you and hitting in the wake, in a perfectly fluid movement. The pull shot requires hours of training for fluency to be controlled. The goal is to surprise your opponent with this strong and very precise shot sending the ball directly to the bottom of the cages.

The position of the hands

There are three main positions to win at foosball :

  • First, the most classic, which involves with right hand, to intercept and shoot at goal, and with left hand pass the ball.
  • Then, the improved position at the front. It is the left wrist that “breaks” and the right arm quickly goes from attack to defense.
  • And finally, the improved position at the back, which uses the left hand on a bar and the right hand on the front or half bar.

Shoot the ball

To throw the ball, there are several techniques. First, the impulse : a shot that gives the ball its direction and speed. Then a more complicated technique : the slipped, and finally the crushed, which allows to shoot with more power.

The halves to win at foosball

This is an important technique in foosball. There are several different ways to make their way to the cages of his opponent: along the tape, the cross passage, but also the right passage where the ball then crosses the field in parallel of the sides of the foosball to complete his race directly in the goals.

Whether you are a casual player or a passionate player, there are so many techniques to play and win at foosball. The main thing is to have fun … The technique as for it, develops with practice, and therefore the time. We can also invent your own techniques ! Foosball offers many possibilities. That’s also why it’s so exciting and absolutely timeless.