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How to choose the handles of his foosball ?

Good foosball handles for a better game !

A handful is the first contact of the player with the foosball, hence the importance of choosing well. They can impact the performance and quality of play. Moreover, a model or shape does not necessarily fit everyone.

The handles must therefore be carefully studied by engineers and designers, to combine a set of features. Indeed, they must be pleasant to the touch while providing a comfort of play, even after several hours of practice … not to mention the aesthetics.

Debuchy By Toulet offers the possibility to choose the handles to allow all competing or amateur players to have the best gaming experience !

All our handles are aluminum unless your table football is for outdoor use. In this case, we will then advise you stainless steel handles.

Long or round handles ?

Handles foosball - The Pure

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the shape of the handles will affect the way you play.

You will have the choice between :

Long handles : thin, linear and clean. Ideal for a visual design.

Round handles : traditional, which solicit more hands and wrists, but allow a more precise game.

And if you are still undecided, the handles of our foosball The Pure (adaptable on all our table football) are a mix of both. They are thinner than the round handles and shorter than the long handles. A unique design by Debuchy By Toulet.

Chrome or aluminum handles ?

Once you have made the choice of their shapes, you can also choose their finishes: chrome or raw aluminum. This is a matter of taste and harmony with the design of the selected foosball.

Finally, final touch ! Choose between three colors of elastics to finish embellishing and personalize your table football : white, black or light gray : a touch of refinement.

In conclusion, the way you play, your tone and the size of your hands will help you determine the choice of the handles of a table football. Its aesthetics, in correlation with your interior decoration will also be an important criterion but the essential will always remain the feeling of play.