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The Républifoot foosball

The Ateliers Français de la Sellerie and Babyfoot By Toulet teams are proud to present the Républifoot foosball,
exceptional product unveiled for the Great Exhibition of Made in France, 2021 edition.

A unique table football in homage to the symbols of France

Symbol of rare and exceptional French know-how, the Républifoot® table football, the launch of which is a first in France, pays tribute to the symbols of the Republic. Indeed, every detail has been carefully designed and conceived in order to combine the mastery of leather and the quality of the high-end game.

Double stitching on leather composing the colors blue-white-red; engraving of the handles bearing the seal of the French Republic; Liberté-Égalité-Fraternité, our motto, on the jerseys of the attacking teams alongside our national symbol; the abacuses in the colors of the flag… so many details imagined with care, symbolizing France.

The mastery of leather and the quality of the high-end game


The Republifoot foosball is the result of a collaboration between two French companies from Hauts-de-France, with rare know-how. Expert in the world of leather and soft materials, les Ateliers Français de la Sellerie are a benchmark in the art of saddlery and upholstery. They work in particular for large French luxury houses. French manufacturer since 1857, the Toulet house produces made-to-measure billiards and table football.

Cabinetmaking, welding, lacquering and varnishing, chrome plating, engraving, cutting, sewing, leather sheathing, assembly, are all rare skills that are highlighted through this baby -foot unpublished.

Would you like more information on this unique and limited edition model ? Contact us directly by email or by phone on + 33(0)3 20 46 25 54.

Selected for the Great Exhibition of Made in France

The Republifoot table football was selected for the second edition of the Grande Exposition du Fabriqué en France. It was presented exclusively to the public at the Palais de Élysée. alongside 125 other quality products.

Foosball Made In France

Launched in 2020, this event highlights French know-how and talents. Indeed, each metropolitan and overseas department presents one or more products made in France. This year, the selection was made by a committee made up of 10 personalities and co-steered by the Minister for Industry, Agnès PANNIER-RUNACHER and the Minister for SMEs Alain GRISET. The Ateliers Français de la Sellerie and Maison Toulet, partner companies, had the honor of being selected from over 2,300 candidates.

Details :

  • 176 hours of work, table football made entirely by hand
  • 10 m2 of full grain leather
  • Lacquering and hand painting of the teams
  • AFS engraving on the handles (French Republic engraving is reserved for Élysée products)
  • Embossing numbering on each product
  • Point counter : abacus
  • Stainless steel ball and flask return
  • Brushed stainless steel goal caps

Personalization possibilities:

  • Colors of leather and stitching threads
  • Mixed teams, 100% male or 100% female
  • Color of the jerseys (1 unique color per team)

Dimensions : 

  • External dimensions: L 158 x W 73 x H 93 cm
  • Weight: 80 kg

The Republifoot® table football sports the colors of other countries in the Europe collection. You wish to order one of the following variations, contact us directly by phone on +33 (0)3 20 46 25 54 or by email:

Foosball Republifoot Europe - Debuchy By Toulet

Républifoot Europe

Foosball table Republifoot Denemarken - Debuchy By Toulet

Républifoot Denemarken

Foosball table Republifoot Belgium - Debuchy By Toulet

Républifoot Belgique

Foosball table Republifoot Italia- Debuchy By Toulet

Républifoot Italia

Foosball Republifoot Espana - Debuchy By Toulet

Républifoot España

Foosball table Republifoot United Kingdom - Debuchy By Toulet

Républifoot United Kingdom

The illustrated models can present options, not contractual image

“When we think every day of the enhancement of rare know-how, of French manufacturing that we defend body and soul, because it creates jobs, the idea of the REPUBLIFOOT, whose This name was imagined by Jules, my son, has proven to be obvious, strong in meaning and values. It was then a question of thinking about the aestheticism of this creation and of combining it marvelously with the talent of the various professionals involved, while proposing an original work, symbolizing current values, including the founding one of the mix of teams, which is unprecedented. »- Diane DEBLYCK, President of Les Ateliers Français de la Sellerie.
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``When this unique project was developed, it was obvious for the Toulet house to support the creativity of the Ateliers Français de la Saddlery through our unique know-how in the manufacture of high-end billiards and table football. Already partners through the alliance of our know-how, to offer leather options on some of our products, this adventure has greatly pleased us and augurs well in this period of Euro Football for a great enthusiasm of the public! The Toulet house has been entrusted with the marketing of RÉPUBLIFOOT and that is a source of pride ``- Marc-Alain DELEDALLE, Director of Billards Toulet and Babyfoot By Toulet
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