The Foosball Pure is the modern vision of a classic foosball table. The rules, the game, and the fun remain the same, but it has now been transformed into an object that can be displayed in a living room or in the lobby of a contemporary hotel for instance.


“What a pity to store your foosball table in the basement!

The Pure Outdoor brings warmth and conviviality to your garden for your family moments.

A majority of exotic wooden elements, a minimal size and Northern design inspirations give the Pure Outdoor its both timeless and modern character.

The design has been crafted to give this foosball a feminine and fluid touch and enables it to integrate naturally in your environment.”

“There are such objects you always wonder if there is anything to change, adapt, customise about. The Pure Outdoor is one of them!

In the event you would like to make some changes anyway, we offer several customisations to help you create the foosball table to your own taste.

To name but a few: color of your choice, patina, white lead…

But once again, shall we go that far?”


  • All our foosball are numbered, guaranteed, certified and labeled
  • Official competition pitch
  • Exotic wooden for legs and top
  • Thermoformed shell
  • Chromed, dawn steel telescopic bars, diameter 15mm
  • Centralized balls return
  • Gerflex covering
  • Chromed steel ironsmith
  • External dimensions: L 169 x W 93 x h 98 cm
  • Weight: 90kg

The illustrated models can present options, not contractual images