Foosball Le Debuch’

Let’s take control of the most design and innovation soccer table

« Le Debuch’, I wanted it totally inspired by automobile, one of my passions. Design, sportiness, dynamism are key words for this foosball. Take control and better hold on tight ! »

Mathieu Debuchy


With its removable heel, the way it is designed allows to punish the offending player and to spice up your parties.


Start your foosball table like you would do it with your car. Press the start & stop button and let the game begin!


Each of your goals will be scored by automatic lighting of the LED car lights on both sides of the goal cages.


Foosball Le Debuch’ does come from the automobile world: the ball return is inspired from the muffler of most prestigious cars!

The Debuch’: the foosball codes forgotten to take those so desirable of sports cars!

Created in its finest details by Mathieu Debuchy, admire these luxurious sharp lines supported by an incomparable and unique base, that give this foosball table its both robust and dynamic character.

A design whom automobile references are represented in the slightest choices with strong stylistic biases: a muffler ball return, an alveolar mesh – a sportive touch par excellence -, luminous integrations using LED in the shape of supercar lights.
And as you know, we take care of details: observe the starting button, you get to see such excellence only inside one of these exceptional racing cars… or an aircraft cockpit!

The Debuch’: an unquestionably inspired and inspiring design!

Foosball Le Debuch’ rewrites the foosball table rule book!

A design completely inspired by the automobile world… then why not allow our customers to customise the foosball table as they might do it with their car?

Except that for the Debuch’, options are standard equipments!

  • Metallic paint, mat or glossy, tell us what finish you prefer… and choose from more than 500 colours.
  • Several shades between legs, frame and tubular structure? The dual tone option is for you.
  • A high quality sound system for the stadium ambiance or simply your own music: contact us.
  • No lights on the Debuch’, only a LED lighting system, treat yourself.
  • Hi-Tech fan, you will appreciate the tactile and automatic scoring.
  • Metallic frame and base, painted and rustproof
  • Thermoformed foamed shell
  • Complementry structure in painted steel
  • Centralized balls return
  • Gerflex coating
  • Aluminum painted player with removable feet
  • Laser frosted feet
  • Chromed steel bars with added Teflon
  • Stainless goal cages
  • Diamond shaped handles, chromed aluminium round or long
  • Touch-sensitive LED scoring, automatic goals Sensors
  • LED lights
  • Start and stop button

The illustrated models can present options, not contractual images