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The range of Toulet table football players

Each Toulet table football has series player models. Customization options are possible depending on the table football selected: raw or chrome finish, personalized players representing a team, a company, etc. Discover the different Toulet table football players :

Modern foosball players :

For the Specialist and the Specialist Urban from the modern table football collection, the possibilities for personalization are numerous. As standard, foosball players are available in black and white, but can be customized as an option.

Indeed, the examples presented reveal players with the image of a favorite football team. They can in particular display the logo of a company or an association for example.

Even more personal, players can spread the names of those around you.

Everything is possible !


Series players

Custom players

Custom players

Design table football players :

The Babyfoot By Toulet team of designers has imagined and designed designer foosball players whose aesthetics adapt to their model. Each player has his particularity like those of Blackball with the feet frosted with the laser for a perfect grip of the ball. The players of the T11, T22 and Carat table football are longer. This allows you to play with your head and multiply the chances of scoring !

Personalization is also possible with its design foosball players. For example, on some models, paint can be added on the players.

blackball table football players - chrome - Toulet

Blackball and Pure players

chrome foosball player - toulet

T11, T22 and Carat players

table football players - Debuch

The Sian players

Are you more vintage style ?

For the vintage table football range, serial players are also available as well as customization options. For example, for Vintage, the teams are made up of raw players and aged effect players.

Classic player - raw - table football toulet

Raw players

Chrome - by Toulet foosball player

Chromed players

classic aged player - Table football toulet

Aged effect players

You can find on each table football description, the models of players adapted to it. For more information, our teams are available by email or by phone +33 (0)3 20 46 25 54.