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The Toulet table football grip range

The choice of table football grips is essential to fully enjoy the game. Indeed, depending on the shape chosen, they can influence the quality of play and performance. Some prefer to play with round handles while others prefer long handles.

The designers Babyfoot By Toulet have developed a range that meets the technical expectations of players while providing a unique aesthetic. Besides, the online configurator allows you to personalize your table football, in particular with the different shapes of handles.

For ever more personalization, Babyfoot By Toulet offers on all table football grips 4 colors of elastic bands. You have the choice between black, white, brown or gray. A finish to the end of the handles! Tailor-made is also possible like leather elastics.

Discover the range of Toulet table football grips.

Elastic grip table football - Toulet

Round handles :

This form of table football grip is widely used in the North and West of France. They allow a good grip in order to transmit power in the game.

This model is available as an option on all Babyfoot By Toulet table footballs. Raw or chrome, the round handles are available in the 4 elastic colors. For outdoor table football, the round handles are also available in stainless steel. Material more resistant to outdoor weather.

Round handle – Raw

Round handle – Chrome

Round handle – Stainless steel

Long handles :

Used more in the South West and South East regions in France and in the USA, the long handles bring a touch of design to table football. This fine and linear shape provides great maneuverability. Like the previous handles, these are available in chrome, rough or stainless steel for the outdoor version.

Long handle – Raw

Long handle – Chrome

Long handle – Stainless steel

The Pure table football handles :

Fruit of the collaboration with designer Alain Gilles, The Pure table football seduces with its curves. Babyfoot By Toulet has designed specific handles that perfectly match its design. Mid-length handles also available in chrome, raw or stainless steel for the outdoor version.

If some people prefer to play on more classic models, it is however possible on option to choose another form.

Mid-long handle – Raw

Mid-long handle – Chrome

Long handle – Stainless steel


Do you already have table football at home but want to personalize it with new handles? It’s possible ! The foosball grips as well as the rubber bands can be sold separately. The prices indicated below do not include delivery costs, if applicable.

  • Lot of 8 round or long handles in raw aluminum: € 150  incl.
  • Set of 8 round or long handles in chromed aluminum: € 240 incl.
  • Set of 8 elastic bands (white, black, brown or gray) for round handles: 25 € incl.
  • Lot of 16 elastics (white, black, brown or gray) for long handles: 25 € incl.

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