Foosball table head game - Babyfoot by Toulet

Which Toulet foosball table for the head game?

Whether you are an amateur or a passionate foosball table player, we are all looking for exceptional game sensations. This is obviously reflected in the quality of the elements that make up the foosball table: structure of the body, handles, goals, game bars, … but also by their technical possibilities such as the head game.

Unique game sensations

Indeed, for unique game sensations, some features or options can bring spectacular effects as for example the LED lighting or the Bluetooth speakers of the Blackball table. These speakers broadcast soundtracks of a stadium’s burning crowd.

Light + sound = unique game experience guaranteed!

What is the head game?

In terms of playing technique, many players appreciate the little extras that spice up the game, especially the head game. But what exactly is the head game?

The head game simply allows to control the ball with the head of the players when they are turned down. A feature that adds possible actions to the game and will allow you to multiply the chances of scoring. Once you get the hang of it, it’s hard to pass up!

This technique is only possible on foosball tables where the players are long enough to touch the ball. At Foosball by Toulet, you can play with your head on the following models:

Design and technique

These players have been specifically designed to combine design and technicality. Depending on the model, they can be made of chromed or brushed aluminum. For a unique table soccer, a customization of the players is available as an option. All that’s left to do is to train to master the control of the ball with your head.

Discover the customization possibilities of each model on our online 3D configurator.