Foosball design in glass - Carat - Foosball by Toulet

Tune foosball to pool table or vice versa.

If you want to create a play area, it can be interesting to coordinate the different elements that compose it. The know-how of the house Toulet allows to tune its foosball and pool table. Indeed, many models have been imagined and designed in order to be able to offer a coherent universe. Here are a few examples :

Blackball and Blacklight for ultra design

Inspired by Blacklight pool table, the Blackball foosball takes on its codes. Rounded curves, a designer basin, technological and innovative options. Both are customizable in the same colors, the agreement is perfect !

Wood with Vintage foosball and Megève

Vintage foosball can be combined with different billiards : Empereur, Empereur Vintage, etc. We often find the duo of Vintage foosball with Megève pool table. This one is designed with old wood and therefore fits perfectly with this type of table football. Raw materials often prized in industrial decorations.

Transparency with the duo Carat and Carat Light

Designed entirely in glass, the Carat and the Carat Light play with transparency. High-end and refined models that can be integrated into all types of interiors. Each one having an outdoor version, they can also be installed on a terrace.

Finesse and modernity with Pure and Purity pool table

Revisited by designer Alain Gilles, The Pure football table can be combined with many models. The Purity pool table is often favored for the different wood finishes that perfectly match the structure of the Pure.

Tune foosball to pool table is therefore entirely feasible. Some people prefer the same shapes and colors while others prefer to mix totally different universes. The only limit is imagination.