Purchase foosball table kids green Specialist Vis a Vis little custom made - Babyfoot By Toulet

The Specialist Vis-à-Vis, the foosball table that adapts to children and adults.

The Specialist Vis-à-Vis foosball table, designed for two players and therefore smaller, can be easily fitted in. With this stylish model, Toulet offers the possibility of acquiring a practical and playful foosball table suitable for children and adults.

Child or adult version? And why not both?

The carefully selected materials used to manufacture Toulet foosball tables guarantee the durability of each model. Our philosophy is that every customer should be able to enjoy their foosball table for as long as possible.

With legs adapted to the height of children as young as 3 years old, the Vis-à-Vis foosball table adapts to their evolution. There is no need to change the foosball table when the children grow up, just change the legs to the adult version.

Practical and fun, the children’s foosball table can be transformed into an adult version in just a few quick and easy steps. Vice versa, it is possible to transform it according to your desires.

Vis a Vis foosball table 2 players kids - Babyfoot By Toulet

New game sensations

With a reduced playing surface and 2 bars per player, the Specialist Vis-à-Vis foosball table offers a new playing sensation.

The reaction time must be shorter to not let the ball go to the goal! Each game is a sporty and intense game. A mini foosball table for a maximum of sensations.

In fact, many professional players refine their skills and practice on 2-player foosball tables before competitions. In addition to being practical, the Specialist Vis-à-Vis foosball table is the ideal partner to work on your level of play.

It will be able to find its place perfectly in a space of plays dedicated to the children or in an apartment for example.

foosball table Specialist Vis a Vis little classic custom made Babyfoot By Toulet