outdoor foosball table - Specialist

The Specialist Outdoor : an elegant table football for the garden !

What a pleasure to be able to enjoy the outdoors with the arrival of sunny days. Are you looking for new outdoor games to complement your outdoor activities ? The outdoor table football for the garden is ideal for fun and romp. It appeals to children and adults alike. And whether you have a garden, a terrace or a pergola, you can install it wherever you want.

Table football for the garden and for the whole family

The Toulet outdoor table football range is made up of 4 models, the latest of which is Specialist Outdoor. This modern table football now has its outdoor version. As standard, this table football is available in black or white. Optionally, it can be customized in other colors. Perfect for coordinating with outdoor decoration like the example of the gray model in the photo. Classic shapes revisited to please the whole family.

Designed with specific materials to withstand bad weather, the outdoor table football for the garden allows you to enjoy it every season. Indeed, stainless steel, rot-resistant wood or even aluminum make the Specialist Outdoor a resistant table football for outdoor practice. It is also possible to clean this table football with a water jet !

Personalize according to your wishes

Beyond the color of the table football, it is possible, optionally, to personalize elements in order to make it unique. Indeed, as standard, the handles of this outdoor table football are in black plastic but can be replaced by round or long stainless steel handles for example. Details that make all the difference!

This outdoor table football is designed so that you can enjoy it with your family and friends, summer and winter. Sharing and conviviality guaranteed !

football table outdoor - Specialist - Toulet