Table football for students and teachers

Table football, the ideal sport to unite students and teachers.

2020, a special start of the school year

With the start of the school year fast approaching, many teachers are already preparing for the return of students to class. This very special year marked by the health crisis and the physical closure of schools announces an emotional start to the 2020 school year. Indeed, whether it is on the side of the pupils or the side of the teachers, it will be necessary to find its presential habits by adding to that the respect of the sanitary measures. An exceptional situation which can bring additional stress to the students. Especially since we all know that back to school is already a particularly emotional day for children.

Many tools and activities can help children and teachers to find themselves in the best conditions.

Table football to unite studends and teachers

In fact, table football can be an activity to offer between students and teachers in order to reconnect. This has many advantages. First of all, it is an intergenerational game that does not require the mastery of particular techniques. Children of all ages can play it.

In addition to promoting social integration, table football is a game that promotes motor and sensory development in children. A sporting activity that changes screens and at the same time teaches team spirit. It can also be done while respecting barrier gestures with the cleaning of the grips and the ball after each game.

Back to school can therefore be an opportunity for teachers to organize table football tournaments. An activity that will make it possible to resume school smoothly, to reconnect with the students and to ease the pressure. This is why some schools have chosen to acquire a foosball table for their playground. Some even personalized them with the school image. Indeed, each Toulet table football is customizable according to the tastes of each one. For businesses and communities, it is common to add a sticker or logo to make the model totally unique.

Student and teachers - table football