Foosball Glass The Carat - Debuchy By Toulet - Design

An elegant table football : our new Carat model entirely in glass !

An innovation and a good one: a foosball fully in glass ! The newborn of our workshops, the Carat model promises you to combine elegance and fun.

Dress up your interior with the Carat and its exceptional design

With Debuchy By Toulet, the foosball table was already out of the basement, and with this new ultra-modern design model, it will be all the more an element of original decoration that you can proudly display in your living room or office.

The Carat foosball is a very pure design, totally in glass, even the playing surface with leather strapped goal nets available in two finishes.

Designed with an extra-clear safety glass of 12 mm thickness especially used for modern staircases manufacturing, Debuchy By Toulet offers you through the Carat a resistant and design foosball. Its structure, its bars and its players in stainless steel contrast with the total transparency of glass for a 100% contemporary result and an optimal outdoor use. Its rounded handles and frosted strips promise a comfort worthy of a competitor’s table football.

All these elements bring to the new Carat foosball table model a unique design and French elegance.


A new model in the Debuchy by Toulet : The Carat foosball table

The Design range combines four ultra-design foosball tables with pure lines and totally different atmospheres to which we now add this new Carat model.

The plus of Debuchy by Toulet is the 100% made in France creation and manufacture that allows you to let express your creativity by customising your table football via our configurator or directly with our teams.

A Foosball Design to beautify your home, yes, but not only !

Indeed, the Debuchy by Toulet table football is a perfect alliance between the expertise of Billards Toulet, manufacturer of pool tables, and the game knowledge of Mathieu Debuchy, a French international football player. All of this for the promise of an incomparable playing quality and guaranteed pleasure!