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Restoration of an old B53 foosball table cradle type.

Specialized in design and contemporary foosball tables, we also offer a range of antique foosball tables for retro-vintage lovers. The Old Fashion collection includes models from the 1900’s to the 1950’s that have been entirely restored by our teams. Indeed, our know-how as a foosball table manufacturer also allows us to restore and renovate old foosball tables from A to Z. Today, we present you the renovation of this old B53 foosball table cradle type .

Just like the Swinnen model, this antique B53 foosball table cradle is becoming increasingly rare on the market. Manufactured from 1952 onwards, these foosball tables have a few decades of practice behind them and therefore often need a complete restoration.

A subtle mix of old and new

Carpentry, screws, players, coins, everything passes through the hands of our experts. These steps also allow the future buyer to choose the type of restoration he wants. It is possible, for example, to keep the original elements or to add modern touches such as long aluminum handles for example. On this model, the renovation of the wooden body was the most important. Inside and outside, every corner was stripped.

A quality work allowing to find a natural and clear wood. The owner’s choice was to keep the original players for a very authentic and retro look.

For a successful restoration, it is indeed necessary to have a subtle mix between old and new. For the touch of modernity, the traditional green background of the game is replaced by an orange-red background. It coordinates perfectly with the red round handles. On most of the older B53 foosball tables, the handles are black. The coin slot and cabinet lock have been changed for optimal use. The legs are not left out with a complete stripping and painting.

Thanks to the meticulous work of our teams, this table soccer has been given a second youth. With the possibility of choosing the elements, it will fit perfectly in its new interior.

Old foosball table B53 wood - Babyfoot By Toulet