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Personalized table football : discover the matte finish of Blackball

By discovering our different models offered on our site, you will understand, personalization is part of the DNA Debuchy By Toulet. We like to share with you examples of personalization imagined and produced for customers around the world. Today, we introduce you to the personalized table football Blackball with a matte finish.

A few words about Blackball foosball

Model of the design collection, the Blackball was created in 2009. Its design was inspired by the Blacklight pool table from the house of Toulet in order to be able to offer a complete high-end and customizable range. Find out online, you will understand right away !

We recognize the Blackball table football by its new and modern curves. A piece that breaks the codes of classic foosball.

Its personalized version

Like all Toulet table football, Blackball is customizable as desired. Color of the shells, addition of stickers on the sides, tracing of the game background, shape of the handles, … But not only that! You can add technological options such as an ambience pack, which emits stadium sounds at each goal. Guaranteed soccer match atmosphere!

The personalized table football that we present to you today was chosen with a matte finish, black color. This finish brings a sober and chic rendering to table football. The black background highlights the red lines. A beautiful harmony that highlights the space for table football. The handles are round and chrome. For more originality, an LED pack on the bottom of the game as well as under the sink have been added. An example of personalized table football among the countless possibilities.

And you how would you imagine your Blackball? Matt, lacquered or metallic finish? Test the configurator to personalize your table football.