Debuchy By Toulet presents his personalized foosball players !

A foosball is two teams that face each other. Our teams of designers Debuchy By Toulet have imagined several models of players in accordance with each foosball and its design. But did you know that these players can be fully customized ?

Stand out with unique foosball players.

There are many ways to give a personal touch to your foosball players. You can choose your favorite football team, add names and firstnames of your family/friends, …

With the personalization of the players that Debuchy By Toulet offers you, you can add an extra touch of originality to your foosball.

It also works in a professional environment ! Nothing better to stand out than a foosball whose players carry the logo of your company. For a business night, in the employees rest room or in the lobby to welcome your customers, we guarantee you that it will catch the attention !

What is the customization process ?

Personalized football players Debuchy By Toulet.

You first select your foosball model and its customization options: color of the body, color of the field, shapes of the handles. Try our online configurator. Once all these features are validated, you can go even further to create your foosball !

Indeed, a unique piece, it forces admiration ! It’s a detail that makes its effect. With personalized players, the only limit is your imagination. Our sales team and our designers accompany you in your choices, the realization of the sketches and the validation of the final rendering.

Debuchy By Toulet concretizes your creations.

Do you have a specific customization project ? Your own creation ? Our designers will study your request to adapt to the shape of our players.

Whether for a particular event or decorating your living room, your family and your guests will immediately appreciate this foosball studied in every detail.