Modern table football T11 T22 - choice foosball by Toulet

Modern table football T11 or T22, how to choose ?

You want to buy a customizable table football but are hesitating between the modern table football T11 and T22. We help you make your choice. Zoom on these two contemporary models Made in France.

Pure design with the T11

The first model in the modern collection, the T11 table football has brought a breath of fresh air to the world of table football. Indeed, its look breaks traditional codes with its simple and refined design. Available in black or white, the T11 table football can be personalized by the choice of the game background, the shape of the handles, the stainless steel side and the addition of a table top.

On the technical side of the game, we find the same designer players on the T11 and T22 table football. Longer than on other models, these players allow you to play with the head.

Customization and technology with the T22

The T22 table football is inspired by the design of the T11 but offers more customization. However, certain characteristics differentiate the two models. The T22 has more rounded lines than its little brother. The ball exit is in the center unlike the T11 where it is located on the sides of the flank. In addition, all the screws of the T22 are hidden for a completely clean model.

With the T22 model, there is no limit to customization. More than 500 colors available in gloss, satin, mat or metallic finish. In addition to the same characteristics as the T11 (playing surface, shape of the handles, stainless steel side and table top), it is possible to add technological options. Tactile or automatic point counter, Led lighting, sound environment or even Bluetooth speakers.

If your choice is a table football, you can therefore opt for the modern table football T11 or T22. Between the two foosball tables, everything will depend on your personalization wishes.