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Live the women’s EURO 2022 to the fullest around your foosball table.

A few days before the start of the UEFA European Women’s Championship 2022, discover our foosball table with female players on the 3D configurator.

A women’s competition on English time

This year, the competition takes place in England from July 6 to 31. The kick-off is at Old Trafford Stadium and the final at Wembley Stadium. This is an opportunity to highlight women’s soccer, which receives much less media attention than its male counterpart.

The French soccer team is in Group D with Italy, Belgium and Iceland. Moreover, the first match is on Sunday, July 10 against Italy, then on July 14 against Belgium.
In 2019, the team managed to reach the quarterfinals but lost to the United States, which will win its 4th world title.

What could be better than a game of foosball during halftime?

Foosball can be a sport, an activity or a hobby. By its origin, it is naturally linked to the theme of soccer. It is not uncommon to find them in bars during big soccer competitions. The opportunity for some to rewrite the results of their favorite team.

Toulet offers to purchase a personalized foosball table corresponding to your preferences of game and your tastes. From the design to the classic to the outdoor foosball, each product is made to order according to the choices of personalization.

Historically designed with players, it is now possible to have a foosball table with female players or mixed teams.

The Republifoot foosball table mixte Players - Debuchy By Toulet

A foosball table with 100% customizable players

This choice is available on the Specialist and Specialist Urban foosball tables. The online 3D configurator, a practical and fun tool, allows you to visualize your personalization, especially the choice of players.

Black and white as standard, the players can be in other colors. To make your foosball table unique, customization is available as on this Republifoot table. Hair and skin color, choice of outfits, first name and number of players. The team can be in the effigy of a soccer team for example or in the colors of a company with the first name of the employees. Everything is possible!