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Is table foosball a must-have for professional establishments?

Hotels, restaurants, associations, companies, … more and more structures offer a table foosball in their space of relaxation and leisure. Has table foosball become a must for professional establishments? Whether it is for employees, customers or partners.

In the tourism and entertainment sector

Well-known in company break rooms, table foosball is also used in other professional areas. In hotels, it easily finds its place in the game room, on the terrace in outdoor version or in the suites. For example, you can play on the Pure table foosball installed in the Diamond Suite Princesse Grace in Monaco or the modern T22 foosball in the luxury chalet K2 in Isola 2000. In restaurants and especially in bars, table soccer remains an unconditional leisure activity.

With the addition of a table top, some models can quickly be transformed into table-tops. The customer experience being a central element for these sectors, it is important to be able to propose original and personalized spaces.

A personalized foosball table

Personalization is indeed an essential element for a perfect integration in the decoration of the place. Foosball tables Babyfoot By Toulet can be fully customized: from the color of the game background to the shape of the handles and the teams. Customization of the players is available on the Specialist range. The composition of the teams (mixed or not), the colors of the outfits or the personalization of the players’ names, … everything is customizable. A customization that is particularly popular in car dealerships for the relaxation area.

The little extra to mark the spirits: the personalized logo affixed on the background of the game and / or on the foosball table as for example this Specialist foosball table personalized for a famous bank or the T22 with the colors of the Strasbourg Football Club.

The online configurator allows you to customize each foosball table model down to the smallest detail. Discover the possibilities of customization for your structure.