Install a table football around swimming pool - Toulet

Install a table football next to its swimming pool. Good idea ?

You want to install a table football near your swimming pool but you are still hesitating? Resistance of materials, risk of humidity, … we detail all these fundamental points.

Focus on the resistance of structures

The materials used to manufacture Toulet outdoor table football allow them to be installed near a water point : swimming pool, jacuzzi or even on a boat for example.

Indeed, depending on the outdoor model, the structure is either made of rot-proof wood or in a thermoformed ABS shell with stainless steel chassis for Blackball. The so-called rot-proof wood is resistant to humidity, fungi and insects. It is therefore quite possible to install a foosball table next to its swimming pool without being afraid of damaging it.

These models are designed to withstand bad weather as well as sunny periods.

Table football for use near a swimming pool - Table football Toulet
Outdoor foosball - The Pure - Toulet

What about the other elements of table football ?

Regarding other elements such as players, screws and bars, every detail is designed for outdoor use.

Stainless steel is the preferred material for outdoor table football. In particular, it is possible to use stainless steel 316 if it is installed near the sea or for maritime use.

The game backgrounds are also adapted. It is a Gerflex coating, resistant and very easy to clean. With 9 colors available, it is possible to personalize your outdoor play background.

Mixing fun with the swimming pool and table football

You just have to choose the table football you want to install next to your swimming pool among the outdoor models. Personalize it. And make the most of it!

The added bonus of outdoor table football is that it can be brought in in winter so that you can enjoy it all year round.