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How to care for your leather foosball table to prolong its life?

Chic and elegant, leather is a material that requires care and maintenance to ensure a long life. Indeed, this noble material requires simple but very special care. Here’s our advice on how to care for your leather foosball table.

Gently clean

The first step to care your leather foosball table is to clean it regularly. Use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe all leather surfaces, making sure to remove dust and dirt. Do not use harsh chemicals, as they may damage the leather. Regular, gentle cleaning is usually all that’s needed to keep your leather foosball table clean and in good condition.

If you wish to clean metal parts such as the handles, goal cages or ball outlet, use another soft cloth. Microfibre is not recommended, as it can scratch these parts. Move away from the foosball table and spray glass cleaner directly onto the soft cloth to avoid splashes on the leather. Then gently clean the metal parts.

As a simple but important reminder, we advise you to avoid eating, drinking or smoking around the foosball table, to avoid accidents involving stains or burns.

In the unlikely event of the table being stained or the leather damaged, we advise you to contact us directly. The procedure to follow may differ depending on the product causing the stain. Our specialist saddlery and leather goods team will be happy to advise you.

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Use the right leather care product

To maintain the beauty of your foosball table’s leather, consider investing in a quality leather care product. Apply it as directed, making sure to cover all leather surfaces. These products nourish the leather, protect it from dryness and discoloration, and guard against stains.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and humidity

Leather is sensitive to humidity and direct sunlight. Avoid placing your leather foosball table near a window where it could be exposed to intense sunlight, as this could cause discoloration of the leather. Similarly, take care not to expose the leather to excessive levels of humidity, as this could cause mildew or deformation of the leather.

By following these simple maintenance steps, you can preserve the beauty of your leather foosball table and enjoy it for many years to come. Leather is a durable and elegant material, and with the right care it will remain a centerpiece of your entertainment space for generations to come.