giant table football to replace the sports session

Barrier measures, giant table football to replace the sports session ?

Many schoolchildren have been on their way to school since May. With the current health context, schools have had to review the layout of the spaces, the procedures and in particular the recreation games.

Sharing ideas and tips

In fact, teachers use their imagination to allow children to continue playing and interact with each other, while respecting barrier gestures. Not easy, especially with the youngest !

Since the recovery, we see many initiatives such as asking each student to bring their bike or scooter. Professors lead musical sessions with Zumba exercises, others set up play routes, …

While waiting to be able to find the traditional games, these are revisited in a giant version like the game of chess or the naval battle. The idea is to transmit health practices in a fun way without disturbing children.

Giant table football during a sports session

In Canada, a teacher has revisited foosball to allow her students to work out while respecting distances. She redesigned the football field by transforming it into a giant table football. Using materials collected from different parents, she recreated the bars where the students replace the foosball players.

The video explaining the concept was posted on the internet and toured social media and gave ideas for layout in other schools.

Initiatives which may remain beyond deconfinement and which will integrate into new teaching methods.