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Foosball table, a fun way for companies to communicate.

Foosball Table is much more than just a game. It’s a real social tool that can be used by companies to reinforce their communications. By emphasizing cohesion, team spirit and personalization in line with the company’s image, foosball table becomes a fun way for fostering relationships and getting key messages across.

Foosball goes far beyond corporate well-being

In-house, foosball can be a formidable tool for cohesion between employees. Corporate events, whether they be end-of-year parties, open days or simple moments of relaxation, offer ideal opportunities to bring teams together and encourage the integration of new employees. It can also mark the occasion of certain key moments in the company’s history, such as a logo change, as has done.

Games such as table soccer help to break the ice and create a bond between employees, whatever their position or hierarchical level. By playing together, employees get to know each other better, collaborate and strengthen their team spirit. This atmosphere of conviviality and camaraderie also encourages informal communication, essential to the smooth running of a company.

An essential for events

For external events, foosball table is also an excellent communication tool. If you personalize it with your company’s image, it’s impossible to go unnoticed. Whether at a trade show or a sporting or cultural event, a customized foosball table is a real eye-catcher. For example, the T22 XXL personalized foosball table attracted attention at the inauguration of the AS Monaco soccer club’s Performance Center.

The public is attracted by the entertaining aspect of the game, but also finds itself exposed to the company’s messages and values. It’s a subtle and effective way of boosting brand awareness and establishing contacts with potential customers and business partners.

T22 XXL customized foosball table AS MONACO - Babyfoot By Toulet

By promoting cohesion and team spirit, and attracting attention by broadcasting messages at external events, table soccer makes it possible to create unique experiences. So why not take advantage of this iconic game to boost your company’s communications and give your employees and partners unforgettable moments? Made-to-measure foosball table is here, ready to offer you new communication perspectives.