The evolution of designs in the world of foosball

The evolution of designs in the world of foosball !

Everyone remembers playing one moment or another at foosball : in his childhood, teenage years or during his years of study.

Many of us have kept our childhood soul and love to challenge ourselves. The foosball has thus marked generations and will continue to seduce by its fun and distracting side.

At that time, foosball designs were very similar in form, materials and personalization options. There was not much choice in the models.

What about new foosball designs ?

Nowadays, we are far from the rooms or smoky back rooms bars and pubs. From now on, we play foosball in the lounge bars, the lounge of a hotel, the break room of his company or in his own living room.

The foosball has had to adorn itself with his best clothes to adapt to new trends.

The teams of designers Debuchy By Toulet have been able to evolve to make the most of it. How ? By offering fully customizable models to suit every mood.

Foosball Blackball - Design - Debuchy By Toulet

Colored playfields, choice of handle shapes, chrome or brushed stainless steel players, rounded body or tapered legs, leather or stainless steel … and even entirely in glass !

Nowadays foosball is proudly displayed as a collector piece. It wants to be chic and elegant.

Technology is also inviting into new models to provide new gaming experiences. Each player is offered to relive match memories by adding a “football stadium atmosphere” sound option.

Debuchy By Toulet offers you diversified models, customizable and made in France. Real small craft jewelry.