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The design collection expands with a design foosball table for 2 players.

Discover the new design foosball table 2 players: The Pure Vis-à-Vis by Alain Gilles. This one-of-a-kind foosball table is specially designed for fans of gaming, design and original pieces.

Reduced dimensions for new playing sensations

Despite its reduced dimensions, don’t be fooled by appearances: The Pure Vis-à-Vis foosball table offers new playing sensations. Each game is an immersive experience where the passion of the game takes on its full meaning. Players can feel the excitement of shots, the precision of passes and the thrill of competition, all while enjoying the practicality of a compact foosball table.

Thanks to its meticulous design, this unique foosball table offers true immersion in the world of the game, whatever the space available. Get ready for intense, captivating moments with The Pure Vis-à-Vis, which proves that great sensations can be hidden in a small format.

An upgradeable 2 players foosball table

In addition to its elegant design, The Pure Vis-à-Vis is easy to use and assemble. Its interchangeable legs enable it to be adjusted to suit players of all ages and sizes. Younger children can play safely using the smaller legs, while adults can enjoy the game to the full using the standard legs.

This option allows the foosball table to grow with your children, offering a fun, durable and economical solution.

Signed by a great designer

Designed by the renowned Alain Gilles, The Pure Vis-à-Vis can be fully customized to suit your preferences and décor. The warmth of its wooden belt and base can be combined with any color. You can choose from full white, deep black or any other shade that suits your style.

Thanks to its customizable design, The Pure Vis-à-Vis is equally at home in a colorful children’s bedroom, an ultra-modern playroom or a contemporary living room.

Imagine the memorable evenings you could spend with friends playing foosball in your living room or playroom. Thanks to The Pure Vis-à-Vis, you can now enjoy all the benefits of a designer foosball table without taking up too much space.

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