customized T11 foosball table corporate leisures area - Camac Space - Babyfoot By Toulet

The customized T11 foosball table integrates a corporate relaxation area, a project of the agency Camac Space.

Our foosball tables travel all over the world to private residences, companies, hotels and restaurants. Today, we zoom in on the project realized by Camac Space agency including a customized T11 foosball table for the relaxation area of a company located in Slovenia.

Camac Space, a workspace design agency

With offices located in London, Berlin and Ljubljana, Camac Space is an agency that carries out workspace design projects throughout Europe. Their approach takes into account all aspects of workspace planning: architecture, design, furniture, decoration.

All in harmony with the specific logistical needs of each company. The goal is to create smart and sustainable workplaces by improving the daily experience of employees.

Foosball table in the workplace, an essential part of the relaxation area

Wellness at work is not limited to the installation of a foosball table in the relaxation area, but it contributes strongly to it and remains a must. The benefits of a company break room are numerous. When well equipped, it allows employees to relax, meet and create links.

You can find cosy spaces to rest with armchairs and sofas, or even hammocks in some companies. In terms of leisure activities, the choices are varied between foosball table, ping-pong, billiards or darts, for example. It all depends on what the company wants to put in place.

Depending on the configuration of the spaces, the foosball table in company is also very appreciated by the customers and the partners.

customized T11 foosball table corporate leisures area - Camac Space - Babyfoot By Toulet


Camac Space created a custom workspace for a financial company located in Slovenia. The client wanted an environment that would give their clients confidence in their ability to manage major financial decisions and provide a quality work environment for their employees.

The design is simple and elegant. The atmosphere is very relaxing with greenery everywhere, even on the ceilings. This, combined with rest areas, collaboration zones, a kitchen and shower area, as well as adjustable desks with excellent quality ergonomic chairs, allows employees to feel good about their environment.

For the break area, a modern T11 foosball table was chosen. Customized in black, it blends perfectly with the decor. A perfect combination of colors and materials creates a chic and relaxed atmosphere.