Unique foosball table Gold T22 - Babyfoot By Toulet

Customize your foosball table and make it unique like a work of art.

Imagining your foosball table as a support to express your desires is possible with Toulet’s customization. Customizing your foosball table and making it unique is child’s play.

A unique customization made in France

After having chosen the main characteristics of your foosball table, i.e.: colors, game background, handles, players or LED options, it is possible to add unique personalizations.

Babyfoot by Toulet proposes to imagine its foosball table as a support to express its desires. It can be one of your favorite artworks, the soccer or sports club you support or any other desire.

Turn your foosball table into a work of art

Our team takes on any challenge to create your unique foosball table. Let’s take a look at some of our custom-made creations, such as this T22 Gold foosball table. Case, bars, screws, handles, players, bottom marking, everything was made in the same Gold color for an exceptional high-end rendering. To finalize this original foosball table, a visual in the shape of a skull and crossbones has been created in sapphires and crystals. An artistic signature to make this table unique.

Still in the theme of art, another T22 foosball table has been transformed into a painting thanks to the work of a French artist. A superb handmade painting on the body of the table.

Custumization foosball luxury T22 Gold - Toulet
Personalization table football - artist - T22

With this type of customization, anything is possible. The foosball table becomes a real work of art that can be proudly displayed.
A logo on the bottom of the game, a drawing on the body, personalized players, leather coverings, Toulet offers many possibilities to personalize and make your foosball table unique. The only limit is your imagination.

Discover the online configurator to customize the foosball table of your dreams.