Glass Foosball - Carat - Foosball by Toulet

The Carat glass foosball in the spotlight in the magazine ICONE.

The ICONE bimonthly magazine is for lovers of design and a certain lifestyle … The last issue of the year compiles quality articles, unique experiences and the discovery of beautiful addresses.

The splendor of the game with the Carat glass foosball !

The magazine team does us the honor to highlight the Carat range. This one is made up of Billard Toulet’s Carat Light billiard table and the Carat Debuchy By Toulet foosball. Visible at the showroom located in Bondues, 10 minutes from Lille in the North of France, these two design models represent the innovation and quality worn by Toulet.

Imagined by Toulet designers, the Carat foosball takes the same codes as the Carat Light billiard table. Fully transparent, it is designed with the purest glass it is. Ideal for indoor and outdoor practice, it deflects beams of light and magnifies your decoration. Like all Debuchy By Toulet foosball, the Carat is customizable :

  • In design version with frosted aluminum handles and black leather laces,
  • Or in vintage version with raw wooden handles and vintage brown leather laces.

To find out more, we invite you to discover the November-December issue of Icone magazine and to discover the Carat glass foosball. or our other foosball.