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Acquire a vintage table football with the Old Fashion range.

With the return of the vintage trend in recent years, old objects are back in fashion. Indeed, some products that remind us of our childhood or moments of nostalgia are again very popular. Vintage table football is one of them and is often a highly sought-after object. We still have to find the model that we like and that is in good condition. The Old Fashion table football range from Toulet includes table football from the 1900s to the 1950s.

A custom vintage table football

Unearthed, renovated then restyled, Old Fashion table football is carefully taken care of by Toulet experts. The little extra with this type of renovation is that it is possible to customize the table football. For example mixing the old and the modern by adding more design handles or by changing the color of the game background ! It has never been easier to acquire a vintage table football.

Among its models, we can find emblematic table footballs like the Swinnen of the 30s, the “Circus” model of the 20s or even the “Cradle” model.

Table football that fits perfectly into an industrial or vintage style interior. They also bring a quirky touch to contemporary universes. In any case, what is certain is that as soon as you grip the handles, it will remind you of your wild games !

If the model so sought after is not among the football tables mentioned. In this case, it is entirely possible to entrust the Toulet teams with the mission of finding THE vintage table football.

Have you been looking for acquire a vintage table football for a long time? Don’t wait any longer, contact our team who will do everything to find the model of your dreams !