football table modern - toulet - white - Babyfoot By Toulet

A café foosball table in the living room? Yes, but in perfect harmony with the decor!

Nostalgic for the foosball games of your childhood? You dream of installing one in your living room for the whole family. But you still need to find THE model that will meet your technical and aesthetic expectations. Let’s take a closer look at the Toulet range of revisited café foosball tables: robust, customizable and made in France.

The classic foosball revisited

Also known as the classic foosball table, the café foosball table has a traditional look. Often made of solid wood with a wide body and straight legs. Its first purpose was to extend the time spent by customers in the café and encourage them to consume more. With time, the table football has become a must in these places of conviviality and has made its place in the field of sports and leisure.

For lovers of traditional foosball, our designers have revisited the café foosball table by offering customizable models with the Specialist and Specialist Urban. A classic design that combines perfectly with modern details, including a body with straight but less imposing lines. For a perfect integration in the decoration, each table soccer can be customized according to your taste and desires.

Indeed, depending on the model, many features are customizable: color of the body, legs, bottom of the game, marking, shape of the handles, choice of elastics, finish of the shields, colors of the teams or even the addition of ashtrays for the spirit of coffee table.

Thanks to the multiple combinations offered, it is possible to opt for a traditional look like this Specialist light oak foosball table, with a black base and legs. Or make more modern choices like the Specialist Urban customized in full white, pictured above.

Made of solid oak, the Specialist and Specialist Urban foosball tables are durable models designed with quality materials in Northern France. The design of the players allows them to play with their head, which means stopping the ball with their head.

Foosball - Spécialist Tradi - Babyfoot by Toulet

One more technique to score more goals! Customize the model of your dreams directly on the online 3D configurator for real-time rendering.