Outdoor table football - Debuchy By Toulet

This summer, enjoy our range of outdoor foosball tables and mix conviviality and design in your garden !

With friends or family, enjoy the summer and gather around our Debuchy by Toulet outdoor table football! With their quality materials and 100% French manufacture, they will ensure you a perfect playing comfort while adding a touch of modernity to your outdoors.

Foosball designed for outdoors

Outdoor foosball tables are mainly composed of exotic woods, stainless steel bars and screws so that you can enjoy them in your garden, your patio or on your terrace in all seasons.

Design and contemporary, they are real decorative accessories to embellish your exterior while offering you the pleasure a professional football table game.

The best thing with this kind of model? You can customize it to make your piece unique. Find more details on the Outdoor Debuchy by Toulet football tables.

3 different models outdoor table football but still the same pleasure

Bringing together quality materials, design and playing comfort, the outdoor foosball range, designed and made in the Debuchy by Toulet design office, is custom-made in our workshops.

The Pure Outdoor, with its design by Alain Gilles, is a real object of decoration with its frame and base made of exotic wood and its typical look of the Northern countries.

The Blackball Outdoor, is the perfect marriage between sobriety and a futuristic look. Composed of a stainless steel frame, this model is designed to be unique and offers customizable handles and a wide range of colors to choose from.

The Classic Outdoor, an outdoor table football by Stella with a simple and effective design that is weatherproof. This way, you can have foosball games all year round with its stainless steel composition, exotic wood and rot-proof material.


Do not wait to get your Outdoor Foosball and check out our online catalog !