The Republifoot foosball table mixte Players - Debuchy By Toulet

100% female table football, mixed teams or 100% male, the choice is yours.

Specialist in customization and tailor-made, Babyfoot By Toulet now offers you the choice of teams. In fact, on the Specialist collection, you can select 100% female football table or 100% male teams or choose mixed teams.

A 100% femal table football

Do you want to personalize your table football with female teams ? Discover our new players, available on the following models : Specialist, Specialist Urban, Specialist Leather and Republifoot.

Like the male figures, these are offered as standard with a black team and a white team. For more originality, you can choose other colors for your teams. The online configurator allows you to view examples of customization. If, however, you cannot find the color of your dreams, it is quite possible to make it to measure.

Fully customizable figures

For a unique and even more original table football, we offer tailor-made customizations. For example, players can have fully personalized football kits featuring your favorite football teams : jersey and shorts. Ideal for reliving legendary matches! You can also add first names, nicknames from those around you. Laughter and frenzied parties guaranteed.

On the professional side, do you want a corporate table football ? We can make personalized jerseys with your logo, player names provided by you,… Everything is possible, the only limit being your imagination.


Do you have an idea in mind for the personalization of your feminine table football ? A crazy project that you have wanted to achieve for a long time? Our designers are available to study your project and make it happen. Contact us directly by phone or email.